National Commercial Real Estate Developers


We manage the entire development process, start to finish.


We help you secure your future with a new development.


And ultimately help you spread your wings and grow your business.


Our mission is to provide our clients with an unparalleled quality of commercial real estate development services. To provide expertise, experience and professionalism to the field of development, and to foster innovative solutions for diversifying markets and growing economies while setting the industry standard.

Our purpose is to create long-term partnerships with private, corporate, and franchisee based brands, and do so through company integrity, vision, and leadership.

Prestige Companies has a proven reputation for successfully completing real estate development projects both for our own company and for our clients. We have the ability and resources to handle the entire development process from concept to completion. We formulate ideas, find sites, design, plan, finance, broker, and obtain permit and construction requirements, all to offer our customers a wide array of comprehensive construction services in commercial development. We do it all, and we do it well.

Our management team is highly experienced, aggressive and creative when it comes to getting projects into development, completed on time, and completed within budget. With a full range of professionals including draftsmen, engineers, brokers, project financers, and site acquisition and construction specialists, we offer you encompassing services to meet your every need. Because we are an in-house operation of contractors and developers we are able to reduce our overall costs allowing us to provide our customers very cost-effective services.

At Prestige Companies we possess proven expertise in development and construction for major retail clients, office buildings, government leases, apartment complexes, hotels, residential developments and more. We take on any commercial development project efficiently and cost effectively. Our entire team has an unwavering commitment to providing outstanding service for every project and to each of our clients, without fail.

We strive to make each transaction prosperous for everyone with whom we work, as well as profitable for whom we work. When everyone is pleased with our work in a transaction, we build our reputation and our portfolio, and see immediate growth in our business.

We not only seek to provide excellent services for our clients, but also hope to provide our employees a platform on which they can learn, grow, and challenge themselves.

It's All In The Architecture

It all starts with a plan, and we happen to have some of the best planners in the business. We deliver great products and emphasize our commitment to quality with each development we complete. Whether it’s an end cap remodel or a multi-tenant shopping complex, our designs are modern, durable, and versatile.

Picture This

A great location, a great construction, great lease terms, a great all around development. View our Portfolio and see what PDG can do for you.