We spent Friday alongside the men and women of the Army National Guard and Reserve who gave us a glimpse into what they do each and every day. We have been proud ESGR employers for about three years and highly suggest other local businesses do the same. These men and women volunteer to help our state, our local law enforcement, and our nation in time of need. Providing a flexible work atmosphere that they can come back to post-deployment does not only influence their ability to do their service, but as business owners, it is also the right thing to do. Their service affects each and every American and becoming an ESGR employer is a small way to do our part in thanking our local men and women for that service.

We had an excellent time touring Las Cruces from a Black Hawk, riding in humvees, handling weaponry, and learning about all the National Guard and Reserve does for our local communities, the nation, and abroad. We would like to thank the 1st Battalion, 200th Infantry Regiment for having us as their guests. Also, a huge thank you to Mrs. Cynthia Estrada who organized this incredible event.

Photos courtesy of Thaih Blair